Introducing Our Leaders

The property industry in some facets is still considered a male dominated business. Studio Caviar is bucking that trend from the top down with it’s all female cast. Meet our leaders, Managing Director Emma Alexander and Executive Advisor Sarah D’Orazio. Both have been involved in property for a combined 30 years and bring a dynamic purpose to the business. They also share a desire to inspire other women to take on this rewarding career. 

Introducing Emma Alexander (Managing Director)

Why property?

I have always been surrounded by all things property. My mother was a gun real estate agent, and I spent most of my weekends at display suites giving tours from a young age.
A career and lifestyle in property seemed the natural path for me. And I’ve loved every minute.

Can you share some career highlights? 

I spent 10 great years at Caydon and learned all facets of development from acquisitions to sales, marketing, and operations. I was also fortunate to live in the US (Houston) for 5 years and work on build to rent, commercial, residential and hotel projects. Marketing has always been my passion and I learnt a lot from seeing how different countries approach project marketing.

And now you have your own business. What advice would you give to other women wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Surround yourself with people that support you the most, and work with people who share the same passion and work ethic you do. Carry the load together. There are women and men doing great things in the property industry so build a network.
To sustain a happy and healthy career long-term, avoid burnout. Balance is the key – sleep, eating healthily, exercise and work should work together, not compete against each other. Communication is key, so don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re feeling overloaded or need to bounce ideas off your network.

Introducing Sarah D’Orazio (Executive Advisor)

What led you to starting your own agency?

I had been working as head of marketing for Hamton Property Group for over 8 years and loved it – loved the experience of marketing numerous significant developments simultaneously along with the corporate brand and communications. To build on my career I decided to go out on my own and create an agency that felt like the extension of a developer’s marketing team. That was 9 years ago now, as Metric Melbourne, before we were known as Studio Caviar. We are now a full-service agency with a talented team of creative designers and marketing specialists delivering fabulous outcomes.

You are also a mother of two. What advice would you give about juggling parenting and business?

It’s not easy but I have a great network around me and a strong team I can rely on. It’s important to create a flexible schedule which lets you be there for your kids as well as your clients. I’d suggest creating a plan for the week – make sure it is communicated with colleagues and remember to add in some time for yourself. We all need time to unwind. If we look after ourselves, clients and family will get the best of us.