Studio Caviar x Joey Scandizzo Salon

Brand awareness builds success.

Awareness of your brand is dependant on your market’s ability to recognise who you are and what you offer. To take it one step further, it’s the connection they feel to you and your service or product.

According to Forbes, 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase from the brands they recognise and those that recognise them.

So how do you build your brand to this level of awareness?

We sat down with Australian leading hairdressers Joey Scandizzo and Hermiz Daniel to discuss all things branding, the importance of public relations and key hair styling tips.


How did you build your brand into this award-winning powerhouse?

Firstly, we made sure we were surrounded with good people. There’s no point building a brand that can’t deliver. It also helps to know your market inside out – you start by delivering what they want and then you can guide them towards what they should have.

Your brand is associated with some big-name celebrities. Did that help build awareness?

Definitely. It generated a lot of hype around our brand, but it will never be enough on its own. If you want to be a leader in your industry you keep educating yourself, staying on top of trends and everything else that will keep you ahead of the game.

Has social media and PR played a part?

Both have made a positive impact on the business. It’s the easiest advertisement tool that you can have. Posting regular content on our social media platforms keeps our clients and audiences entertained and connected to us. People get bored easily these days so it’s super important to stay on top of the social media world.

You’ve successfully entered many industry competitions over the years. Was this important for the brand?

We’ve been lucky to have won pretty much every competition we’ve entered in Australia and in New Zealand. It’s helped grow our reputation and we’ve also gained global recognition through these awards. So yes, they’ve been important for us. It shows we are committed and consistent.

Let’s take advantage of your expertise. What care is top of your list for perfect hair – for men and women.

Joey: Regular trims will ensure your hair stays healthy and grows strong.
Hermiz: Just like a skin routine, your hair needs masks and treatments. Make sure you stay on top of that.

And your number one hair product?

Joey: Miracle Hair Treatment from Eleven Australia

Hermiz: 8 Hour Night Serum Cream from Kerastase


At Studio Caviar, we recognise that every brand is unique and has its own identity, personality, style, tone, and audience. We create timeliness brands that leave a lasting impression – let us uncover your brand’s potential.