The Before and After: UDIA Case Study

The Urban Development Institute of Australia Victoria (UDIA) partnered exclusively with Caviar for marketing, and we’ve had the privilege of revitalising the branding for two of their major events: the Annual Footy Lunch and the Awards for Excellence.

Historically, the UDIA awards symbolised excellence in urban development, but the branding was falling a little short of excellent itself.

Our brief was to create something that would allow the campaigns to stand out, look fresh, and be repurposed each year.

Both brand refreshes resulted in new looks that command attention: modern typography, dynamic shapes, and a bold colour palette. The unveilings became an interactive experience, transforming Crown Palladium into a pop of colour, emphatically marking the UDIA’s commitment to innovation.

The Importance of a Brand Refresh

  • Relevance: It ensures the brand remains aligned with current trends, values, and expectations, maintaining its appeal to newer generations.
  • Differentiation: A fresh brand identity can differentiate an award from its competitors, highlighting its unique value proposition.
  • Engagement: A rebrand can reinvigorate interest and engagement among stakeholders (and 2023 saw a record number of award applications and attendance to our Footy Lunch and Awards Gala)!
  • Narrative Control: It offers an opportunity to redefine and communicate the brand’s story, mission, and vision more effectively.

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