Your guide to the best of Cremorne

Cremorne…yes, it’s tough to get a park and there’s a lot of construction going on, but it’s also a gem and surrounded by everything you need.

There’s an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, and ‘after-work drink’ spots, making it a haven for food and beverage enthusiasts like us at Studio Caviar.

Here’s our recap on the best of Cremorne (and Richmond – it’s right next door).

We start our day on a caffeine high after visiting Sloane Ranger or Cheeky Monkey.

When the sugar cravings kick in we head to Cremorne Bakers. Every calorie is worth it and even just the smell of the pastries cooking can brighten your day.

For an on-the-go lunch, we can never decide between a Bahmi from T&L Bakery, a salad from either Green Street or Fishbowl, a sandwich from Hugo’s Deli or sushi from United Ahipoke. Or if we’re in the mood for a quick sit-down lunch with a lively atmosphere La Manna is the place to be.

For a more formal business lunch experience, our go-to is Frederic and their express set menu (and then afterwards, you’ll often see us head next door to Fred’s Bar for a post-lunch/work drink).

As for the evenings Lilac bar is a great hidden gem in the side streets of Cremorne. We love it in winter to cosy up with a glass of red wine. Or Ugly Duckling, they do a great cocktail!

For dinner, Untitled or De Bruno are our top picks – both have great fit-outs, food and atmosphere.

Lastly, we’d be remiss not to mention our go-to drinking spots – both iconic – The Cherry Tree, for an outdoor crate seated beer, and Richmond Club Hotel, which is the perfect spot for a post-work, pre-footy drink.

Come by for a meeting and we’ll head out and experience Cremorne together!